Investigations and Risk Assessments

The sampling technicians and consultants of all our locations are kept constantly updated and qualified, guaranteeing:

  • Service quality

  • Detailed analysis of the issues covered by the service itself

  • Complete synergy between on-site investigations and related risk assessments

  • Support in identifying improvement measures

  • Flexibility in setting up activities and documentation prepared to support customer needs

  • Coverage of the entire national territory

Discover our services below.

Legislative Consultancy in the field of Health and Safety at Work

  • Check-ups Relating to Legislative Compliance
  • Regulatory update
  • Advice in case of Accidents and Occupational Diseases
  • Support in the interface with the Control Bodies

Risks Rating document

Risk assessment pursuant to art. 28 Legislative Decree 81/08 including detailed analysis and evaluation of the production cycle, workplaces, duties, PPE

Investigations, Risk Assessment and consultancy in the field of Dangerous Substances

Laser Lab offers a complete consultancy service regarding risk assessments associated with exposure to hazardous chemical agents (ACP) and its monitoring in the workplace.
Our team for issues related to hazardous chemical agents is made up not only of qualified personnel with proven experience, but also of Certified Industrial Hygienists.

Risk Assessment 

  • Dangerous Chemical Agents
  • Carcinogenic and / or Mutagenic Agents
  • Asbestos
  • Artificial vitreous fibers

The evaluation is carried out in compliance with the provisions of the legislative references (Legislative Decree 81/08) and using validated evaluation algorithms (eg Alpirisch, Movarisch…). We guarantee total transparency and we share choices and information directly with the customer according to the specific context.

Environmental Monitoring

Laser Lab offers a consultancy service by drafting the monitoring plans to assess inhalation exposure to ACP in accordance with UNI EN 689.
The laboratory has a team of qualified people for the development and validation of ACP sampling and analysis methods, for which no official methods from the literature are available.

A complete consultancy service is also available to the customer (sampling, analysis and drafting of technical comment reports) that covers multiple aspects related to industrial hygiene issues:

  • Characterization of air quality in indoor and outdoor environments

  • Evaluation of olfactory harassment problems

  • Assessment of the occupational exposure of workers to ACP pursuant to UNI EN 689

  • Verification of the risk of "cross contamination" in the pharmaceutical sector

  • Survey campaigns for the sampling of interstitial gas, as required by the SNPA Guidelines, as part of the risk analysis of contaminated sites

  • Census, characterization, assessment of the state of degradation of asbestos-containing products (MCA) and artificial glass fibers (FAV)

Biological Risk and Legionella

Laser Lab has a team of experts in the analysis and assessment of the risk of exposure to biological agents and in carrying out targeted microbiological investigations. Our services are:

Consultancy, Risk Assessment and definition of the Monitoring Plan for biological agents

The risk assessment is carried out in compliance with the legislative provisions (Title X and Xbis Legislative Decree 81/08) and includes the definition of the prevention and protection measures to be adopted in order to eliminate and / or reduce the level of risk.

Microbiological Investigations

Microbiological checks are determined and programmed to analyze the extent and type of microbiological pollution present in the work environment. Laser Lab has a consolidated experience in programming and carrying out microbiological checks on various matrices (air, surfaces, clothing, filters and air and water treatment systems) with the purpose to research generic and specific contamination indicators. The results of the investigations are followed, where required, by a technical report showing the comparison of the values ​​found with the indicators provided by the Guidelines and by the relevant scientific literature.

Advice on Legionella risk management

LabAnalysis supports private and public health facilities, tourist accommodation facilities, spas, civil and industrial structures in the management of legionellosis risk with the following services:

  • Management of the Control Protocol / Plan Drafting of Legionella self-control 
  • Assessment of the Legionella risk associated with professional activity
  • Drafting of sampling plans
  • Carrying out sampling and laboratory analysis on water, surfaces, plants
  • Management of the surveys’ results 

Since 1994, our laboratory is accredited by Accredia - Accreditation n.0077, related to the execution of tests (Conta di Legionella pneumophila, Conta di Legionella spp in water deriving from air conditioning systems and intended for human consumption; Research of Legionella Pneumophila, Research of Legionella spp in deposits and biofilms related to aqueous matrices) and the Quality System according to the UNI EN ISO IEC 17025 standard.

Investigations and Assessments of Physical Risks

Laser Lab with its consolidated experience performs services and measurements of physical agents in the work environment. Labanalysis Group has a team of over 15 specialized technicians (graduates in Physics and Engineering and at least 10 with the qualification of competent acoustics technician) and all the necessary equipment for carrying out field measurements of all physical agents.

Since 1994, without interruption, our laboratory is accredited by Accredia in relation to the execution of tests (in particular it is accredited for the execution of noise measurements in the workplace) and the Quality System according to UNI EN ISO IEC 17025.

Our services are:

  • Noise and Infrasound / Ultrasound Risk Assessment
  • Mechanical Vibration Risk Assessment
  • Evaluation of the risk of electromagnetic fields
  • Artificial Optical Radiation Risk Assessment
  • Assignment of TSL - Laser Safety Technician
  • Illumination detection
  • Microclimate Risk Assessment: thermal stress from heat, cold and microclimatic comfort
  • Radon measure

LabAnalysis Group has the most modern and updated instrumentation available on the market. Such as:

  • More than 20 Class 1 sound level meters with related Class 1 calibrators
  • Class 1 dosimeters for long-term measurements for the purpose of assessing personal exposure to noise risk
  • Atex class 2 dosimeters for noise measurements in work environments, including ATEX (chemical, pharmaceutical, mining, oil, etc.) for the purpose of assessing personal exposure to noise risk
  • More than 5 measuring instruments for vibrations to the whole body and to the hand-arm system for the purpose of evaluating personal exposure to vibrations
  • Instruments for measuring luminous intensity from natural or artificial light (lux) in order to assess the adequacy of lighting in the workplace
  • Microclimatic control units equipped with all the probes necessary for the evaluation of the main risk indices:
    • hot microclimate risk: PHS, WBGT indices for the evaluation of heat stress
    • cold microclimate risk: IREQ index for the evaluation of cold thermal stress
    • microclimatic comfort: PMV and PPD indices
  • LabAnalysis Group also performs field positioning of radon dosimeters for measuring radon concentration - short- term and long-term campaigns
  • Instrumentation for the measurement of high and low frequency electromagnetic fields:
    • More than 3 complete systems for the detection of magnetostatic, electric and magnetic fields up to the frequency of 40 GHz with implementation of the weighted peak method relative to low frequencies
    • Personal portable meters (dosimeters) of high frequency electric field up to 60 GHz and of low frequency magnetic field with implementation of the weighted peak method
    • Control units for long-term measurements (over 24 hours) of low frequency electric and magnetic fields and high frequency electromagnetic fields
    • Forecast simulation software for low frequency electric and magnetic fields and high frequency electromagnetic fields
  • Instrumentation for measuring artificial optical radiation in the workplace:
    • 3 complete photo radiometers for detecting artificial optical radiation equipped with weighing and compliant with the wavelengths referred to in Legislative Decree 81/08 Title VIII, Chapter V and Annex XXXVII
    • 3 spectro-metro-radiometers of which 2 dedicated to ultraviolet, visible and infrared light (200-1080 nm) and one dedicated to infrared radiation only (890 - 1750 nm)
    • 1 thermopile probe for measurements of coherent radiation from ultraviolet to far infrared

All the instrumentation is suitably calibrated at external centers.

The measurements of physical agents are oranized in different phases:

  • Planning of the measurement activity in the field by analyzing the layout and company documentation;
  • Sampling and Analysis of the data collected during the inspection (characteristics of the sources, tasks, time laps and methods of exposure to the physical agent)
  • Reporting of results with comparison with legal limits
  • Drafting of the risk assessment document in collaboration with the customer and support in identifying the most suitable PPE

Expert advice and Risk Assessment in the Ergonomic field

Laser Lab offers a complete consulting service on ergonomic aspects. Our team is made up, in addition to qualified personnel with proven experience, of certified technicians "Specialist in the analysis and management of Biomechanical Work Overload Risks" according to the AIASCERT - SBL certification scheme.

Our services are:

  • Manual Handling Risk Assessment of Loads including measurements in the field related to pulling / pushing forces
  • Biomechanical Overload Risk Assessment for Upper Limbs
  • Risk Assessment of Incongruent Static Postures
  • Evaluation of the risk of using video terminals
  • Evaluation of the Ergonomic Requirements of the Workstations
  • Consultancy on the Redesign of Workstations

Technical documentation, consultancy and evaluation of machines and work equipment

Laser Lab offers a specific consultancy service related to the safety of machines and work equipment through qualified technical personnel, consisting of figures with advanced theoretical and practical knowledge regarding the assessment of risks related to the use of work equipment.

Our strengths are:

  • Targeted and timely analysis relating to each of the equipment used including both the documentary aspects and those detectable by the investigation in the field
  • Preparation of documentation showing evidence of all the points verified and the final judgment related to the analysis of each work equipment
  • Activities carried out in integration with the client company reality
  • Flexibility in setting up the activity and the documentation developed to support the customer's needs

Our services are:

  • Verification of Conformity of Equipment Annex V of Legislative Decree 81/08 as required by Article 70 paragraph 2 of Legislative Decree 81/08 including the definition of the plan of measures to be implemented in order to comply with the legislative provisions that are disregarded from the verification
  • Assessment of the Work Equipment Risk as required by Title III, Article 71 of Legislative Decree 81/08 and identification of the prevention and protection measures to be implemented and the improvement plan
  • Use and Maintenance Manuals for Machines before CE
  • Operating instructions for safe use of work equipment
  • Procedures for safe use of work equipment
  • Job Safety Analysis (JSA) showing for each workstation the indications relating to the risks present, the prevention and protection measures to be adopted in relation to each of the specific risks identified, the PPE to be used in relation to each of the specific risks identifie
  • Lockout - Tagout (LOTO) maintenance procedures showing the lockout actions and the tagout actions to be taken in order to secure the equipment before carrying out maintenance

Assessment of Work-Related Stress Risk

The supplied service is in line with the requirements of Legislative Decree 81/08, the European Framework Agreement of 8 October 2004 and with the INAIL Guidelines "The methodology for assessing and managing work-related stress risk", published in 2017.

In carrying out the assessment, in addition to the stringent legislative provisions, LabAnalysis offers to the customer quality service including:

  • exact definition of homogeneous groups, carried out, not only based on the job description, but also through the analysis of the organizational flow and the corporate function chart
  • collection of context and content indicators through semi-structured interviews (differentiated according to function and job), in order to simultaneously carry out a top-down and bottom-up survey
  • identification of a specific improvement plan for each homogenous group aimed at defining specific preventive measures that make it possible to reduce the sources of organizational stress and the effects of stress on the worker

Evaluation of Fire and Explosion risks and Consultancy related to Emergency Management

  • Evaluation of the fire risk and calculation of the fire load
  • Classification Areas that are at risk of formation of Explosive Atmospheres
  • Explosion Protection and Assessment Document

Find out more here: Fire Prevention

Electric Risk Assessment

  • Assessment of the electrical risk, as required by Article 80 of Legislative Decree 81/08, with the identification of the prevention and protection measures to be implemented and the improvement plan
  • Document check aimed at verifying the mandatory requirements related to the nature of the electrical systems present and related [eg. Presidential Decree 462/01 - DM 37/08 (Law 46/90) - CEI 62305]
  • Operating instructions / procedures containing safety instructions to be adopted for the execution of routine activities involving interaction with dangerous voltages
  • Assessment of the risk of lightning according to the provisions of the CEI EN 62305-2 standard

Evaluation of the work at height risk

  • assessment of the risk of falling from above connected with carrying out work at height, identification of the prevention and protection measures to be implemented and the improvement plan
  • procedure for the safe execution of work at height
  • operating instructions showing the safety instructions to be adopted for the execution of activities that may involve the risk of falling from above

Analysis of environments and assessment of risks related to the presence and access to suspected pollution or confined environments

  • location identification carried out in compliance with the criteria used by OSHA standards
  • assessment of the risks present within the places classified as confined or suspected pollution environments, identification of the prevention and protection measures to be implemented and the improvement plan
  • operational and emergency management procedures

External RSPP and ASPP assignment

In cases of applicability, you have our internal staff support with skills and requirements that comply with the provisions of art. 32 Legislative Decree 81/08 and by the CSR 07 July 2016.

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